Yefim Kotlyar Joins MTB - 12/2/2015

Machine Tool Builders, Inc. is pleased to announce that Yefim Kotlyar has recently joined Machine Tool Builders, Inc. as the Application Engineering Manager. Yefim comes to MTB with a long history in the gear manufacturing business having worked for both machine tool OEM’s and gear manufacturing & design companies. He is an accomplished author of a variety of papers on gears, gear manufacturing, gear inspection, cutting tools and cutting tool inspection. He holds a MS Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Marine University, Odessa USSR. As has been, he will continue to be an active member of the AGMA, sitting on various technical committees.

Yefim will assist MTB with applications engineering, sales, machine runoffs, machine and tooling designs, advanced software algorithm development, training of MTB and customer personnel in gear geometry and inspection techniques and best practices.

Machine Tool Builders is a company that rebuilds, recontrols, and services gear and grinding equipment. Refer to for more information on MTB’s capabilities.