Hera Gear Hobber Representation - 1/31/2017

We are proud to announce that MTB is now the North American Representative for the Hera Gear Hobber line out of South Korea. Hera makes manual and fully automated CNC controlled gear hobbing machines using Fanuc or Siemens CNC controls. Their size range covers from 90mm to 1000mm.

These high technology machines include features such as direct drive hob spindles, torque motor worktables, automatic stock division, servo driven gantry loaders, conversational programming and a host of other powerful features. The machine can be had with Hera’s standard software or they can be equipped with MTB’s well renowned gear hobbing software for even more flexibility and supportability in North America. The machines can also be obtained with all North American equipment like, hydraulics, lubrication, electrics etc. Call for details.