Machine Recontrolling. Upgrade Your Control Systems

If you’ve ever been frustrated by getting into your car, turning the key and not having the engine start in the morning, you’ll appreciate what a recontrol can do for your machinery. At MTB we specialize in upgrading older machinery with new state of the art control systems. It’s akin to having your old tired engine completely replaced with a new hemi, by the experts at the dealer. Like the engine replacement, your new controls come with a thorough warranty, as well excellent reliability, drivability, and even some new features you did not have before.

In addition to the engine replacement, we can also fix your clutch and transmission as well. Most older machines need maintenance on the drive trains, ballscrews, bearings and miscellaneous items like hoses and wiring harnesses. During the course of the recontrol we can address those key area’s as well. Give us a call to learn more about your upgrading your control systems.

Featured Recontrols

Hoglund Gear Grinder at Triumph Gear Systems

This machine was already a 5 axis grinding machine, with two spindles. It was originally equipped with a PC based control utilizing stepper drives and motors, and was no longer supportable by the OEM. So we installed a new Siemens 840D CNC and Siemens 611D digital servos, plus a new Normac two axis rotary dresser.

From our customer:
Just a quick update for today. I just finished my 3rd piece today of those P&W shafts, I have never made 3 in one day!!!!!  Thanks again for your support and software modifications to make machine do what we need it to do. I will send another email in near future with an update after using new software for a few jobs.
Thanks again.
Kris Terry, Triumph Gear Systems, Park City Utah

Liebherr LC-1002 at Milwaukee Gear

This Liebherr LC-1002 was in excellent mechanical condition, but the controls were very problematic. The old control was the proprietary Liebherr system, with little support or parts available. The controls we installed were GE Fanuc 18i-MB CNC with GE Fanuc Alpha HVi digital servos and spindle.

Lorenz LF1250 at Overton Chicago Gear

This large hobbing machine was a fully mechanical machine with both index and differential change gears. The customer wanted a fully CNC controlled machine, with some additional guarding and mechanical repairs. So we removed all the mechanical gear trains and installed a new GE Fanuc 18i-MB CNC, new GE Fanuc Alpha HVi digital servos, and new Heidenhain scales to control this large machine.