Fellows 10-4 CNC Shaping Machine

Fellows 10-4 CNC Shaping Machine

Fellows 10-4 Shaping Machine



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This Fellows 10-4 is undergoing a partial rebuild and CNC recontrol outfitted with the latest Fanuc 0i-MF CNC system with Fanuc Alpha HVi digital servomotors and drives.The upgrade is nearing completion, so it is a good time to upgrade this machine with added features and functions like a tailstock, power clamping, different guides, special tooling, special cycles, and risers of varying height etc.  Currently there is no riser in the machine. It is also equipped with a brand new hydrostatic spur guide assembly for rigidity and high speed stroking. The axes are X (radial), B (Cutter Rotation) and C (Worktable Rotation). The spindle system is controlled by a new Fanuc Alpha series spindle drive system.The stroke length and stroke elevations are will remain manually adjusted. MTB has included our renowned conversational programming which will provide your operators with a menu-driven part and process information on the CNC operator’s panel. This allows simple entry of the gear data by the operator. In addition to the new CNC upgrade it also includes a new electrical cabinet with all new components and wiring inside. This includes motor starters, relays, power supplies, terminal strips, fuses etc.

MTB Fellows 10-4 Shaper Listing


Fellows 10-4 Gear Shaper
Machine Capacity Nominal Pitch Diameter, External 254 mm 10
Nominal Pitch Diameter, Internal 254 mm 10
Maximum Diameter Swing 483 mm 19
Maximum Face Width 102 4
Maximum Diametral Pitch, Spur 6.35 mod 4 DP
Maximum Diametral Pitch, Helical 5 mod 5 DP
Maximum Helix Angle with 5″ cutter dia. 45 deg. 45 deg.
Worktable Diameter 365 mm 14.375
Maximum Load on Worktable 270 Kg 600 lbs.
Maximum Spindle Velocity
– Spur Gears 53 m/min 175 ft/min
– Helical Gears 46 m/min 150 ft/min
Dimensions Maximum Overall Width 2356 mm 92.75
Maximum Height (No Raise Block) 2477 mm 97.5
Maximum Overall Length (Depth) 2616 mm 103
Weight Net weight with motors 5307 Kg 11700 lbs
Weight Crated (domestic) 6123 kg 13500 lbs
Weight Boxed (export packed) 6577 kg 14500 lbs


TypeShaping Machine
Serial Number35856
ConditionPre-owned (Excellent)
Max Diameter Gear254
Max Diameter Pitch6.35 mod
Weight13,500 lbs
Associated Documentshttps://machinetoolbuilders.com/wp-content/uploads/MTB-Fellows-10-4-Shaper-Listing.pdf