Fellows 50-8 Shaper

 Fellows 50-8 Shaper



skuSN 35834

This Fellows Hydrostorke Shaping machine was previously converted to CNC by another company and we obtained it without the old NUM control system, without the hydraulic skid and in genrally poor condition. The machine is slated to go through a complete rebuild process, with all new electrics, a Fanuc CNC, new hydraulics and a new design for the stroking and backoff control functions. It is currently not a project which we are focused on, but if there is interest in this machine can move start the rebuild and recontrol effort almost immediately. Call for more details.

Maximum diameter external gear (PD): 50″ (1270mm)
Minimum diameter external gear (Root Diameter minus diameter of cutter): 7.08″(180mm)
Maximum diameter internal gear (Minimum dia. minus 2X rim thickness/vert.lift): 51.18″ (1300mm)
Minimum center distance work-spindle centerline to Work-table centerline: (90mm)
Max. diametral pitch (spur & helical): 2 DP (12.7 Mod)
Maximum face width: 8″ (203mm)
Max. helix angle (w/proper guide & 7″”PD cutter): 40-degrees
Work index wheel diameter: 40″ (1016mm)
Work table diameter: 44.09″ (1120mm)
Work table spindle bore diameter: 1.2″ (280mm)
Maximum load on worktable: 11,000 lbs. (5,000 kG)
Maximum distance centerline of cutter spindle to centerline of work spindle: 30.9″ (785mm)
Minimum distance centerline of cutter spindle to centerline of work spindle 3.55″ (90mm)
Maximum distance from table surface to top of cutter-ram w/spindle in maximum upper position: 26.5″ (673mm)
Machine Dimensions:
Length 96″ (2438mm)
Height 147″ (3734mm)
– Depth 215″ (5461mm)
Machine net weight, approx 30,000 lbs. (13,363 kG)