PE500AW CNC Gear Hobber

 PE500AW CNC Gear Hobber



skuSN27404 and 27405

We have a pair of these machines, both recontrolled by MTB in 2006 with GE Fanuc 16i-MA CNC’s. Both mahcines were desinged to autoload near net forgings, then autostock divide the parts and hob them to size. The machines come equipped with a servo controlled two position autoloader and 8 station magazines. The machines can be sold as a turn key project fully tooled up, run off, installed at you location with training performed.  If you need any special cycles or features, MTB can esily modify the machines to adapt them to your specific needs. 


Manufacturer Pfauter
Model PE-500AW
Serial Number 27404
Year of Manufacture 1990
Year of Recontrol 2006

This machine is being offered in recertified condition. We can also offer it with a full rebuild or recontrol (Call for details). All recertified machines are fully cleaned. All moving slides, spindles and parts handling systems are inspected for problems. Any gibs or adjustable backlash systems are adjusted to the best possible settings. All hydraulic, coolant, lubrication and pneumatic systems are checked for proper functionality and leaks.  All filters are replaced. All worn hoses, broken cables, connectors, buttons, lamps and wires are replaced. All guarding is installed and checked. All machine cycles are tested. Parts are cut to verify the machine capability. Charts from the test cutting are documented for your viewing.
Mechanical Specifications
Number of CNC controlled axes 6 X, Y, Z, A, C, U
Number of CNC controlled spindles 1 B
Pitch rating                2.54 DP 10 Mod
Maximum workpiece diameter 19.685 in 500 mm
Maximum axial travel 15.748 in 400 mm
Worktable diameter 17.717 in 450 mm
Table bore diameter 4.921 in 125 mm
Maximum radial center distance 13.780 in 350 mm
Minimum radial center distance 1.575 in 40 mm
Minimum axial height from table top 12.205 in 310 mm
Maximum axial height from table top 28.150 in 715 mm
Worktable Starts 1      
Rapid traverse speed of table 24.0 RPM 8640 deg/min
Maximum hob diameter 7.559 in 192 mm
Maximum hob length 9.843 in 250 mm
Maximum tangential distance -10.866 in -276 mm
Minimum tangential distance -3.386 in -86 mm
Maximum hob shift travel 7.480 in 190 mm
Taper in hob spindle ISO #50      
Maximum swivel angle -30 deg 145 deg
Hob speed range (Infinitely Variable) 90 to 450 RPM
Hob Spindle Power 29.5 HP 22 kW
Rapid traverse radial 78.740 in/min 2000 mm/min
Rapid traverse axial 59.055 in/min 1500 mm/min
Rapid traverse tangential 118.110 in/min 3000 mm/min
Rapid traverse speed of table 24.000 RPM 8640 deg/min
Rapid traverse double gripper 8.333 RPM 3000 deg/min
Length 196.850 in 5000 mm
Width 185.039 in 4700 mm
Height 114.173 in 2900 mm
Machine Weight (Approximate) 26455 lbs 12000 kg
Plant power 460 VAC 60 Hz
Tailstock with pressure adjustment
Power clamping with pressure adjustment
Hydrostatic Worktable
Integral Coolant Tank
Cutting Oil Chiller System
Mist Extractor
2 position servo controlled double gripper
8 Station part magazine
Hydraulically unclamped hob arbor
Hydraulically unclamped outboard bearing
CAT 50 Spindle Taper
Fullly enclosed guarding around machine 
Fanuc 16i-MA CNC
Fanuc Alpha Series Drives and Motors
Base Software
Three passes (same or alternating directions)
Inch / Metric switchable
Incremental shifting by part count
Crowning with high point offset capability
Taper compensation
Axial or radial/axial cycles
Radial only cycle
Programmable dwell
Automatic overtravel and approach calculations
Auxiliary function selection (tailstock/clamping seq.)
Tool offsets for quick size changes
Multiple program storage and retrieval
Automatic Stock Division
Sequential Double Helical (with same hob)
Optional Software
Custom cycles available upon request
Machine Includes
30 Day return warranty on the machine
Chip Conveyor
Full set of leveling wedges
One 1.5" hob arbor and nut
Two copies of the operations manuals
Two copies of the maintenance documentation
Optional MTB Recertification Program
Hob head will be checked for problems
Work table drive system checked for problems
Hydraulic system drained and cleaned
All filters changed
Polycarbonate guarding windows will be replaced
Machine will be thoroughly cleaned
All cycles will be tested and verified as fully functional
All worn hoses replaced
All broken electrical wires and cables will be repaired
All defective controls will be replaced or repaired
All features will be tested and verified as fully functional
Coolant system checked for problems
Coolant tank and chip collection system cleaned
All axes checked for accuracy and repeatability
Machine geometry checked and recorded
Sample parts will be cut if requested