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Providing the best value for your investment

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Designed and manufactured for functionality and productivity

Challenge: Increase productivity of current equipment by a minimum of 20%.

Professionally structured to your specifications

MTB provides complete panel building services, from engineering to parts ordering, enclosure painting, panel assembly and cold and hot testing.

One source for your gear equipment service

Trained in numerous applications and machine types, MTB specializes in gear and grinding equipment, although tackles many challenges outside of those boundaries.

Precision technology

At MTB, one of our specialties is designing and manufacturing tooling for gear manufacturing machines. We have extensive experience in designing work and tool holding fixtures, arbors, collets, bases, etc.

One source and solution for your gear equipment needs

Machine Tool Builders provides new and used parts for older gear equipment. Stocked parts in inventory are typically electronic or mechanical components that are obsolete or difficult to find.

Centrally located for customer convenience

Centrally located near Rockford in Northern Illinois, Machine Tool Builders’ 18,020 square-foot facility houses all of our machinery remanufacturing, repair, engineering, sales and service departments.

Designed for long standing performance

One excellent method to improving the accuracy and reliability of your equipment is to recontrol it. This of course is dependent upon its mechanical stability.

Revitalizing your machinery to its original perfection

At MTB, we look at revitalizing your machinery as an art form, not unlike restoring a classic car to its original glory.

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