Kapp Niles

 Kapp Niles

Machine Tool Builders, Inc. in no way represents or sells new Kapp or Niles Machinery or Products. We do however service, repair, resell, rebuild and re-control used machines or customer owned equipment.

KAPP NILES GmbH & CO. KG is a manufacturer of machines and tools for finishing of gears and profiles. About a third of the turnover is made in Germany and two-thirds in international operations. The company headquartered in Coburg was founded in 1953.


MTB continues its program of recontrolling Kapp Grinders since the support for the original Optronic CNC’s has officially ended. Not only do we continue to recontrol these excellent machines, but we can also service, repair and supply parts for them to a certain extent. Kapp keeps their cards very close to their chest .but we have found ways around them. To date we have done VIG 381, VAG 481, VAS 432, RNS 56 and Pfauter Kapp 1000G machines. These were Pfauter P1000 Hobbing machines equipped with Kapp Internal grinding heads for larger vertical ID spline grinding.

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