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W. E. Sykes

Sykes Logo1925 Company founded by William Edwin Sykes
1928 Private company.
1952 Name changed.
1956 Company made public.
1961 Manufacturers of gear shaping, generating machines, vertical and horizontal, gear spline and worm wheel universal hobbing machines; gear shaving and finishing machines, gear shaping cutters, ground form hobs and special form cutters; master ground gears; special machine tools, shell molding machines; shell core making machines and gear oil testing equipment.

FORMED in 1925 by by William Edwin Sykes and first established in a small works in Staines, Middlesex, the business of the company had grown so much within eight years that more extensive premises were required. Accordingly, a factory was built at Staines which helped to meet the large demand for gear cutting machines and tools for military equipment that came with the Second World War. Prior to the War and as soon as possible afterwards, W E Sykes developed a considerable export trade as well as an increasing home market and by 1951, a large expansion was required. The original small premises became the Sykes Machine Tool Co, a leading importer of tools and equipment from Europe and the USA. The export trade of the main company was facilitated by the formation of subsidiaries in Canada and Australia and by the appointment of numerous established firms as agents.


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Sykes 1600-H Herringbone Generator

Sykes 1600-H Herringbone Generator

Sykes 5E Herringbone Generator

In Stock ConditionPre-Owned - Good Model1600-H