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Tec for Gears manufactures a very fast deburring and chamfering solution using a radial only approach concept. This concept not only allows a super fast deburring process but it allows deburring when there is an obstacle on one end of the gear, for example a cluster gear assembly on one shaft could be deburred without interference of the other gears on the shaft. The process produces a highly repeatable and exact chamfer along the top and bottom edges including the root fillet of the gear teeth.

Enhanced deburring technology gives your production an edge over the competition

Due to the demand of machining increasingly complex and demanding component geometries that require burr-free edges and precise surfaces in production you need to get prepared for these requirements. Companies worldwide are starting to expand their capabilities in gear manufacturing to meet the needs of the future. Supplementing your deburring processes with a new RGC 350 deburring machine from TEC for GEARS. Using the so-called Radial Gear Chamfering process can be used to create a defined and reproducible chamfer on the tooth end edges. This not only has a positive effect on the quality and functionality of the components but is also crucial for the cost-effectiveness of part production.

Deburring as a service

Together with our partner – MFH Technologie GmbH – TFG offers the defined deburring and chamfering of gears as a service in Germany. With our existing capacities, in addition to smaller series, larger quantities can also be processed with the Radial Gear Chamfering. Of course, sample and test processing can also be carried out. Your advantages are: Transparent process – you are cordially invited to visit to see the processing! You can see first hand our predictable costs, deep experience and get to know the Radial Gear Chamfering process. This offers you employee-independent planning for deburring. Relieve some your capacities for deburring and your employees can be scheduled in a more value-adding way! Small, medium and large quantities can be processed reliably. Interested? TFG looks forward to hearing from you.


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TfG RGC 350 – Radial Deburring Machine

TfG RGC 350 – Radial Deburring Machine

Radial Gear Chamfering Maximum flexibility in the smallest installation space! The RGC 350 chamfering machine has been developed together with the Radial Gear Chamfering process and is precisely tailored to its requirements. The RGC process can be used to produce defined, reproducible chamfers on the tooth face edges, even on workpieces with interfering contours, such […]

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