HAMAI Horizontal Gear Hobbing


  • Latest in the HAMAI series, a highly respected Japanese global brand with thousands of installations worldwide.
  • A quantum leap forward for more economical, more dependable production of high precision aerospace and automotive gears up to 70 mm in diameter, and shaft lengths to 250 mm.
  • Completely re-designed to pack more power and precision into a very compact package, with extreme rigidity and the capacity for gears up to Module 2.5.
  • Fully automated to reduce non-productive load/unload time to just three seconds.
  • Equipped with the latest FANUC controls, touchscreen and HAMAI’s operator-friendly programming; exceptionally easy for even less experienced operators to run day in, day out.

SMG Horizontal Gear Hobbing


  • An exceptional solution to meet the day-to-day demands and flexibility requirements of today’s gear jobbers.
  • For parts as large as 410 mm in diameter, and workpieces to Module 8.
  • Combines high hobbing and table speeds and rapid X- and Z-axis travel, with the high rigidity, high torque, high precision worktable and powerful workspindle to cut cycle times while delivering high precision gear cutting even at high cutting loads.
  • Offering a variety of options with the gear jobber in mind: various automation configurations; on-board chamfering/deburring; provisions for extra-long shafts to 650 mm; even hard skiving.
  • Compact, highly rigid, ideal for both wet or dry hobbing, and available with FANUC or Siemens CNC with easy, user-friendly dialogue programming.

BURRI Generating, Profile and Worm Grinding

BURRI Generating, Profile and Worm Grinding

Generating, Profile and Worm Grinding

  • High performance BZ 130 generating grinding machine, for workpieces up to 160 mm in diameter, lengths to 530 mm; integrated automation
  • Highly flexible BZ 331 and 362 generating and profile grinding machines, for workpieces up to 360 mm in diameter, lengths to 600 mm
  • Dressing options




Portable, large gear inspection systems:

  • Profile
  • Lead
  • Pitch

Gear Inspection Centers:

  • Gears
  • Hobs
  • Threads
  • Cutting tools

Reverse engineering:

  • Profile laser scan
  • Unknown gears
  • Base tangent length
MTB Rebuilds, Retrofits, Recontrols, CNC Conversions

MTB Rebuilds, Retrofits, Recontrols, CNC Conversions

Rebuilds, Retrofits, Recontrols, CNC Conversions

  • Industry-leading rebuilds, modernizations and remanufacture of all major gear manufacturing machines.
  • Specializing in equipping machine tools with new, state-of-the-art control systems, including Fanuc, Siemens, NUM.
  • Service and preventive maintenance programs. North American technicians on-site in as little as 24 hrs. to troubleshoot mechanical and electrical, controls and software issues.
  • Developers of highly productive, easy-to-use operator (HMI) and programming software for gear hobbers, gear shapers and gear grinders.
  • A team of experts providing exceptional service and support across the board.


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