WHY BURRI AND MACHINE TOOL BUILDERS IS A GREAT SOLUTION! Burri machines are designed and developed completely at Burri facilities in Germany. Our Software Engineering develops a dialogue controlled user interface for all gear grinding and profiling machines which proves itself with simple menu navigation and logic structure. This enables the user to learn […]
Radial Gear Chamfering Process Tec for Gears manufactures a very fast deburring and chamfering solution using a radial only approach concept. This concept not only allows a super fast deburring process but it allows deburring when there is an obstacle on one end of the gear, for example a cluster gear assembly on one shaft […]
Retrofit, Service, Development and Production of Machines for high-precision Gearing Tools 1989 – Foundation of the d+p AG. d+p is a Ltd. Co. with a share capital of CHF 100’000.-. Development of the prototype control system for gear grinding machines. 1992 – Occupation of the new building in Nuolen. Development and manufacture of control systems […]
Since our foundation in 1921, we have been true to Hamai’s corporate mission of “contributing to industrial progress with unwavering cutting-edge quality precision machine tools.” We produced Japan’s first lapping and polishing machines, and have been manufacturing gear hobbing machines since the beginning. Even though their forms and shapes have evolved, these unsurpassed machines are […]
Since its foundation in 1990, Songma Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the machine tool parts industry. Based on our long technology and know-how on machine tools, we are producing gear processing machines including gear hobbing machines. Our flagship gear processing machine is a core machine tool for machining gears used in all industries including […]
  We meet the needs of the next generation through our consulting capability.   Our Company is an integrated manufacture of Chamfering and Deburring Machines. Due to a high demand in product quality, the finished product without burrs is not always enough to satisfy discerning customers. Therefore, our company continually strives to meet the needs […]