Burri Grinding and Dressing Machines

Dieter Burri will be presenting his innovative methods of rebuilding Reishauer grinders to meet expectations for reduced set-up time and lower costs of gear grinding to many companies in the US between February 11 – 21, 2014. For those with existing Reishauer grinders or for someone needing a grinder, please call 815-558-4542 or contact sales at 815-636-7502 to be added to our visitation schedule.

Machine Tool Builders (MTB), a remanufacturer and recontroller of gear-cutting and grinding equipment, has been appointed as official representative of sales and service for Burri Gear Grinding equipment in North America. Burri Machine Tools GmbH & Co.KG (Burri-Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG) is the world market leader in remanufacturing or upgrading Reishauer® gear grinding machines and the manufacturer of profiling (dressing) machines. Located in Villingendorf near Rottweil in the south-west of Germany, Burri machines are rebuilt to be modern and innovative technology, competitive with today’s expectations for reduced set-up time and lower costs of gear grinding.

Burri machines are built on the mechanical basis of Reishauer type AZO / AZA / RZ 301/ RZ 361 / RZ 362 / RZS platforms. When quality becomes an issue on existing equipment or the demand for additional production is required, that’s when a trade-in or acquiring a rebuilt machine makes sense. MTB will offer two main products of Burri in North America and provide sales, installation and service:

1. CNC Gear Grinding Machines BZ330 / BZ331 / BZ362; a CNC continuous generating gear grinding machine. The machine is build on the mechanical basis of a Reishauer RZ301/RZ362. After the retrofit, the machine will be technically comparable to the latest machine generation.

2. Grinding Wheel-Profiling Machine PM 550T (Dressing machine) is utilized for profiling of grinding wheels for threaded wheel grinding machines; profile grinding machines; bevel gear grinding machines; rack grinding machines; surface and circular grinding machines; honing rings for gear honing machines; and balancing of grinding wheels.

Controls: B&R Automation
The machines are designed and developed completely at Burri’s premises in Germany. Software Engineering develops a dialogue controlled user interface for all gear grinding and profiling machines which proves itself with simple menu navigation and logic structure. This enables the user to learn the operation of the machine within a very short time.The open B&R controls system is equipped with all the latest extras and a modern control unit for machine tools allowing Burri to design all machines to match exactly with their requirements. One unique benefit is the reduced power consumption which has been noted to be reduced by one-third with the high tech B&R control unit. B&R automation is a well recognized Austrian company with 32 locations in the United States.

Installations and Customers References:
Installations of Burri grinders and dressing machines are in many prominent, well known companies throughout the world. Industries include automotive, machine tools, agriculture and other market sectors.

Service and Support:
Machine Tool Builders was chosen as the official sales and service representative for Burri equipment because of its reputation for excellence. With Burri gear grinders and dressing machines being installed throughout the North America, who better than MTB to support this equipment line. MTB has been rebuilding, recontrolling, servicing and repairing gear cutting and grinding equipment for twenty years with an unprecedented number of repetitive and satisfied customers.