Project Details

Fellows 10-7 Gear Shaper 3 Axes And 1 Spindle

MTB/Fellows 10-7 Gear Shaper

In order to help a customer from Canada with a special application that involved a 7″ internal spline on a relatively small diameter, MTB took a standard mechanical Fellows 10-2 and stretched the stroke length to a little over 7 inches. This involved designing and manufacturing an entirely new spindle crank, new longer guide, new longer and larger OD spindle and a riser to accommodate the longer stroke lengths. In addition we developed a special version of the Fellows lifting table to incorporate in internal locking mechanism when in the upper position, and new table top with longer sides and a seal to prevent the chips and cutting swarf from entering the cavity when the table was raised. This design allows for cutting on the table in either the raised or lowered positions.

The rebuild changed the machine from a fully mechanical one to a CNC controlled machine with servo’s for the cutter rotation, worktable rotation, radial infeed and spindle RPM. We used the newest Fanuc model 0i-D CNC coupled with Fanuc Alpha HVi digital drives and motors. Our well proven conversational based software was installed which allows the operator to quickly and easily program his cycles, and also allows for skipping all roughing passes in order to make a single size correction cycle.

We can also build you a custom made machine to meet your unique requirements. Please give us a call to see how we can be of assistance to you.