Project Details

Fellows 70-15 Gear Shaper Rebuild

This machine was a complete rebuild with simultaneous conversion to 5 axes of CNC control using a Siemens 840D CNC. After the conversion, the axes under CNC are Radial (X), Cutter (B), Worktable (C), Axial Position / Stroke Length / Stroking (Z), Backoff Cam (X2).

We installed a Siemens torque motor on the rocker shaft for the stroking mechanism. This design allows the machine to elevate to different heights and stroke at different lengths and all done with program data entry, no mechanical adjustments are required. The CNC controlled backoff allows programmable control of the direction of the backoff for cutting either internal or external gears. We also incorporated a CNC controlled rotary backoff during the upstroke to insure no cutter rub occurs. The cutter and table are synchronized electronically so there are no change gears to install for the index. Our software allows for digressive feed on the radial axis to optimize the cutting efficiency, as well as multiple cuts, and a quick recut cycle.

We also added a full wrap around guarding package for this customer to offer enhanced safety and contain the coolant and chip splash.

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