Project Details

Fromag Rapida 150/1500 Key Seating Machine

Original Condition
This machine came to MTB with very poor mechanical condition. It had been wrecked several times and parts had been welded back together. The guide ways and mounting surfaces were significantly worn, the hydraulics were not operating properly, the control was cumbersome to use and the performance was very poor as a result of all these items.

The Rebuild Process

The machine was torn completely down, all parts thoroughly cleaned and examined for wear and possible reuse. We found a large number of internal components which needed to be replaced. Since the machine was the first one of its type we have tackled, and the documentation was extremely poor or non-existent we were forced to reverse engineer and manufacture every piece which we found to be worn.
The entire hydraulic system was replaced with a new one that functioned similarly, but not exactly like the original. The changes we made improved the machines performance and stability, plus gave it some safety functions which were non existent in the original design. We also added additional lubrication points to the moving elements where we notes excessive wear and/or no lubrication lines. The machine was not painted at the customer’s request; painting is an optional service which does not have to be done to make a machine perform well.
The Recontrol Process
As part of the recontrol project Machine Tool Builders designed and manufactured a completely new electrical cabinet. We installed all new machine mounted wiring and electrical components.  We engineered and manufactured the mechanical adaptations required to convert the machine from the old servos to the new fully digital system.
The new control system was centered on a Siemens 840DSL CNC and a standard HMI Display the drives and motors were all changed to new Siemens digital servos. All new Heidenhain absolute encoders were installed so that no homing was required. This combination of controls was extremely cost efficient, offered short lead times and was very easy to implement, which translated into savings for the customer.
The Conversational Software
We wrote special conversational software for the machine which allows for very easy data entry for the gear, cutter and process information. We devised a method of tracking the cuts made on each tooth, and are able to abort the cycle and restart anywhere without re-cutting already cut teeth.