Project Details

Modul ZFWZ 250/4 Recontrol with NUM CNC

S/N 9432, full recertification and recontrol

As with all used equipment MTB places for sale, this machine was totally cleaned, hydraulic and coolant systems drained and cleaned, all gib adjustments were checked, all worm lashes were adjusted, all broken or missing parts were replaced, all oil leaks repaired and then the machine was fully recertified using the ISO/DIN 6545 alignment standards for gear hobbing machines.

This machine was recontrolled using a NUM Axium Power CNC controlling two NUM MDLU2 digital Servo drives for the X and Z axes. All the old German controls were eliminated and replaced with new IEC components. New Heidenhain linear scales were installed on the two axes, for accurate size control and crowning capability. For cost reasons, the change gears were left in place to control the index and helical functions.

We also removed the old PIV system and installed a Vector drive and Vector duty rated motor to control the hob speed.

The new electrical cabinet we installed was painted to match the original machine colors.

Machine Mechanical Specifications:

Pitch rating depending on application 4.0 DP Mod 6.3 mm
Maximum workpiece diameter 20″ 508 mm
Maximum axial travel 10.875″ 276 mm
Maximum center distance 11.75″ 298.5 mm
Minimum center distance 1.75″ 44.5 mm
Work table bore 6.3″ 160 mm
Maximum hob diameter 5.7″ 144.5 mm
Maximum hob length 6.7″ 170 mm
Hob shift length 4″ 101 mm
Minimum number of teeth 8
Radial feedrate .004-.020″/min .1-.50 mm/min
Axial feedrate .020-.400″/min .5-10.0 mm/min
Tangential feedrate .004-.020″/min .1-.50 mm/min
Main motor power 10 HP 7.45 kW
Maximum helix angle 45 Deg.
Hob speed range I, infinitely variable 50-200 RPM
Hob speed range II, infinitely variable 114-400 RPM
Machine weight 15,000 lb. 6,800 kg

Machine Equipment List:

  • Chip conveyor
  • Leveling wedges
  • Full change gear set
  • One 1.25″ hob arbor, outboard bearing, arbor wrench
  • Two copies of the machine operators manual
  • Two copies of all electrical and mechanical prints
  • One full year warranty on the recontrol
  • Tooling available upon request

Machine Control Specifications:

  • NUM Axium Power Digital CNC
  • Conversational programming
  • Two axes of motion with NUM MDLU2 Digital Servos
  • Programmable feedrates and RPM’s
  • Multi-cut cycles
  • Crowning and taper compensation
  • Axial, radial/axial and radial cycles
  • Tangential cycle
  • Index controlled by change gears
  • Helix controlled by change gears
  • 460V plant power