Standard Machine

It works on a variety of products such as automotive parts with a diameter up to 200mm.

  • Coolant System
  • Chip Suppression
  • Possible Multi-tasking due to Simple Operation
  • Automation System
  • Compact design and Space-saving installation


  • Loader
  • Brush Unit
  • Internal Processing
  • Work seating sensor
  • Signal Tower
  • Flexible Rod Switch

  • Process Range: 200mm Diameter x Height Witin 100mm
  • Process Material: Steel, Mold, Aluminum, Stainless, Resin, Glass etc
  • Chamfering Capacity: 0~1mm(adjustable)
  • Rpm of Cutter Spindle: Max 6000rpm


Dual-Head Chamfering Machine

Simultanous Processing of Both Sites in on Clamping.

Chamfering for large gears.

Chamfering both top and bottom sides of very large gears, eliminating the need to turn over the product.

For safety, chip and sparks do not occur compared to the manual grinder.

  • Chamfer work above 3.000mm diameter.
  • No need to Turn Over product.

Application : Slewing Bearing for a Wind Turbine, Construction Machinery, Wind Power Transmission Gears, Large Ring Gears, etc.


2 Station Chamfering Machine (with Gantry Loader)

This machine can be inserted into a fully automatic production line.

  • Dual Simultaneous Processing with Two Independant Spindles
  • Can be built into an Automated Production Line with IN/OUT Converyors
  • Fully Automated, with Machine-in Stocker Tables


Multi-Station Chamfering Machine

  • Plural Processing Completed in Multi Stations
  • Flexible Arrangements of Cutting and Brushing operations


Large Gear Chamfering Machine

  • For Parts with a Diameter of Over 2 Meters
  • Simultaneous Processing on both sides while clamped


Brush Deburring Machine

  • Automated Wear Correction
  • Machines Designed for Specific function