New Cam and Crank Milling and Grinding Software

Whether your cam is defined by Polar or Cartesian (rectangular) coordinates, a Base Radius with deviations or by a CAD drawing, MTB’s intuitive software will facilitate grinding or milling the cam with precision and speed.

Software Features:

  • Flexible cam definition
    • Polar coordinates

    • Cartesian coordinates

    • Base radius & deviations

    • CAD Drawing

  • Algorithm simplicity – one function for milling and grinding

    • Spiral infeed

    • Dwell

    • Spiral retraction

  • Intuitive interface

  • Friendly process defaults

  • Optional on-board inspection

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CNC Machine Software Development

At MTB one of our core competencies is software development. You can install a new state of the art CNC, drives and motors, but the machine still will not work without the software provided by the machine builder. This includes both the PLC logic and the operator interface and programming environments. Over the years we have developed some standard software that is reused again and again. As the software has matured, it has evolved into very robust and reliable code that we are comfortable installing in our rebuilds and recontrol projects, as well as into other OEM’s machines. We have conversational based programming software for gear hobbers, gear shapers and gear grinders, spread across multiple platforms from GE Fanuc, Siemens and NUM Corporation. Our current development programs are moving into the PC arena, as the newer CNC’s today allow the front end to be a PC running the Windows operating systems. Currently we have hobbing, shaping and grinding software that runs on a PC front end implemented and running on machines in the field. Our development in this area continues constantly by adding enhanced features and functions to the already feature rich packages.

All of our PC based gear manufacturing software revolves around the concept of libraries. The user builds libraries of gears, tools and processes though the normal course of operating the machine. As time passes the number of gears, tools and processes are naturally increased, and soon become a powerful tool for shortening the programming time by reusing these previously stored files. The individual gear, tool and process files can be extracted from the library and then combined together to create a program to machine a gear. Essentially it’s a four step process.

A Better Gear Hobbing Software Package

Below are examples from our gear hobbing package, showing in the four main steps required to create a program.

Step 1, enter gear data
Step 2 enter tool data
Step 3 enter process data
Step 4 then select the three items (Gear, tool and process) to make a program.

Step 1: Creating a gear file

MTB Software

Step 2: Creating a tool file

MTB Software

Step 3: Creating a process file

MTB Software

Step 4: Creating a program using the gear, tool and process data

MTB Software

Feature Rich Software

In addition to the greatly simplified data entry process, and the easy navigation through the software, we also have some features not available from any other dedicated rebuilder or recontrol provider. For example, we have the ability to make size corrections by measuring over pins, balls or span. The resulting tool offset which is calculated, brings the part on size the first time, without the need for multiple re-cuts to find size.

Figure 5: Gear Measurement main page

MTB Software

Figure 6: Pins size correction page

MTB Software

Figure 7: Span measurement page

MTB Software