M&M 3000QC Gear Inspection Machine

M&M 3000QC Gear Inspection Machine

NonFunctional - Good Parts Machine

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Condition:Pre-Owned - Good

Brand:M&M Precision Systems Corporation



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M&M 3000QC Gear Inspection Machine

Used, but non-Functional M&M 3000QC Gear inspection machine. Great for spare parts since these are no longer supported
Specifications Inch mm
Gear Outside Diameter 12 304.8
Part Weight 500lbs 266.79kg
Diametral Pitch .785 DP and up 32 Mod and up
Helix Angle 0-90 0-90
Distance Between Centers 20 508
Dimensions Inch mm
Cast Iron Base 36 x36 914 x 914
Table Diameter 8 203.2
X Axis Travel 8 203.2
Y Axis Travel 12 304.8
Z Axis Travel 12 304.8
ConditionPre-Owned - Good
TypeComputerized Analysis
ManufacturerM&M Precision Systems Corporation
Max Diameter Gear30"
Max Diameter Pitch.785 DP (32 Mod) and up
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