Pfauter P1000 CNC Gear Hobber

Pfauter P1000 CNC Gear Hobber

Gear Hobber

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Condition:Pre-Owned - Rebuilt and Recontrolled - Like New Condition



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MTB Pfauter P1000 Rebuilt and Re-controlled with Fanuc 0iM-F CNC

This MTB/Pfauter P1000 Hobbing machine is currently on our shop floor undergoing a complete upgrade and full reconditioning including a heavy duty, high performance hob head and a brand-new recontrol with state-of-the-art Fanuc CNC 0iM-F Plus system with all new Alpha series HVi digital servo motors and drives having the following axes under CNC control; X (radial), Y (tangential), Z (axial), C (worktable). The hob head swivel is fully manual, and the unclamping is done manually via loosening nuts. We can offer you an of upgrade for the hob head swivel complete with automatic unclamping and clamping of the hob head along with full servo control to provide seamless motion during setup with no operator intervention on the hob head positioning process. The hob head has been completely rebuilt and motorized to remove the long drive train and obsolete PIV. The motorized head is equipped with a 15kW, Fanuc Alpha i series spindle motor with a 2.5:1 reduction ratio, producing roughly 300Nm of peak torque for the most demanding applications. Additionally, we are outfitting this machine with an all-new electrical system, this includes a new electrical cabinet and all new components inside; motor starters, relays, power supplies, terminal strips, fuses etc. Furthermore, the machine is being outfitted with absolute feedback devices thus eliminating the homing process saving you valuable time and money. To top it all off this conversion package includes our highly-intuitive conversational programming software which provides operators with a simple (dummy-proof) menu-based system for quick and easy entry of part and process data on the CNC operator’s panel to help prevent costly input errors, saving you valuable time and money as well as improving operator safety. The software will allow for triple pass cutting, programmable directions, taper correction, crowning with offset capability, shifting control, basic form milling (gashing) capability, radial plunge cycle, short lead hobs corrections, measuring over pins size corrections and a lot more. The worktable is a backlash free design utilizing dual worms on a single worm wheel.
Manufacturer and Model Pfauter P1000
Serial Number 25894
MTB Job # 5160
Mechanical Specifications
Number of CNC controlled axes 4  (X, Y,Z&C)  A Opt
Number of CNC controlled spindles 1 (B)
Pitch rating 1.8 DP 14 Mod
Maximum workpiece diameter 39.37 in 1000 mm
Worktable diameter 30.708 in 780 mm
Work head spindle bore 7.087 in 180 mm
X Axis (Radial)  
Minus Travel 2 in 50 mm
Plus Travel 24.6 in 625 mm
Travel Distance 22.637 in 575 mm
Maximum Travel Rate 100. in/min 2500 mm/min
Y Axis (Tangential)  
Minus Travel 3.07 in 78 mm
Plus Travel 10.94 in 278 mm
Travel Distance 7.874 in 200 mm
Maximum Travel Rate 60 in/min 1500 mm/min
Z Axis (Axial)  
Minus Travel 8.66 in 220 mm
Plus Travel 28.346 in 720 mm
Travel Distance 19.3127 in 500 mm
Maximum Travel Rate 50 in/min 2000 mm/min
C Axis (Table)  
Minus and Plus Travel Continuous
Travel Distance Continuous
Maximum Travel Rate 22 RPM
B Axis (Cutter)  
RPM Minimum 30
RPM Maximum 180
Maximum hob diameter 8.267 in 210 mm
Maximum hob length 9.449 in 240 mm
Maximum hob shift travel 7.874 in 200 mm
Machine Weight 27,500 lbs 12,500 kg
Plant power 460 VAC 60 Hz
Length 210.2 in 5340 mm
Width 174.4 in 4430 mm
Height 176.5 in 4485 mm
The aforementioned description and listing of specifications and accessory equipment is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge.  However, it should not be considered binding in any regard, as we reserve the right to change and/or alter same without prior notice. Consequently, the buyer is responsible for confirming same, upon physical inspection and inventory of the machine(s) and all related accessory equipment.
ConditionPre-Owned - Rebuilt and Recontrolled - Like New Condition
Serial Number25894
Max Diameter Gear39.37" (1000mm)
Max Diameter Pitch1.8 DP (14Mod)
DimensionsL 5340mm (210.2")x W 4430mm (174.4") x H 4485mm(176.5")
Weight12,500kg (27,227lbs)
Associated DocumentsPfauter P1000 Brochure