Lorenz LS 424 CNC Gear Shaper

 Lorenz LS 424 CNC Gear Shaper


modelLS 424


Currently, this Lorenz LS 424 shaper is undergoing a full MTB reconditioning process and  being outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art Fanuc 0i-MF Plus CNC system, all new Fanuc Alpha HVi digital servomotors and drives as well as all new Fanuc Alpha series spindle drive system. It is now available for purchase, contact us today for a quote on this one of a kind machine and see what the MTB difference is all about!  (Subject to prior sale)

This CNC Lorenz LS-424 shaper will have all axes under CNC control, X, C, D, Z, L and the spindle is an orienting system with servo-controlled orientation for TDC and BDC positions and with positive confirmation of arrival. The elevation and stroke length are combined within the allowable stroke length of the machine using the same servo motor but separate measuring techniques. The machine is also equipped with a hydraulically released spindle clamping system and a hydraulic workpiece clamping base if you need it. MTB can also design and build a work-holding fixture for your workpiece.