Project Details

Fellows 50-12 Hydrostroke Siemens 840D Recontrol


The machine was configured with a customer developed CAMsoft PC based control system and and aging hydraulic unit. Both were showing significant signs of malfunction, and had become a chronic maintenance headache. Replacement parts and control support were no longer available, and finding qualified personnel to repair the equipment was equally difficult to achieve. Due to the critical need for this machine, the customer could not afford a significant amount of downtime. Machine Tool Builders was asked to perform a rather complex controls upgrade in the field, with a very short lead time, and an even shorter machine downtime

As part of the recontrol, MTB replaced the existing CAMsoft control system with a Siemens 840Dsl CNC control system. MTB also replaced the entire electrical cabinet and all the equipment and wiring inside of your electrical cabinet with new equivalents. This included all motor starters, relays, power supplies, terminal strips, fuses etc. The machine was converted to a 5 axis and single spindle CNC controlled machine. The existing drive motors were replaced by new Siemens Sinamics servomotors and drives of the proper torque and speed, along with the spindle system, controlled by a Siemens spindle drive system. The elevation and stroke length adjustments also have new ballscrews and drive systems installed due to the nature of the conversion.